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EmergingLeader.com Privacy Policy

EmergingLeader.com is working to bring you the best leadership information possible. To fulfill that mission, we strive to meet your information needs while protecting your privacy at the same time.

We collect customer information on our site through traffic measurements, to more effectively tailor our offerings. This document will explain our methods and will help you understand your available choices for how you make information available to us.

What information does EmergingLeader.com gather and track?

Each time you come to EmergingLeader.com, we collect standard page view information that helps us improve our site. We look at how traffic flows throughout our site, what resources people visit, and what resources they don't.

From time to time, we may compile this data to create aggregate profiles of user behavior. We share these profiles with our advertisers and internal staff to better target advertising. We do not compile individual profiles of users.

How does EmergingLeader.com share information?

EmergingLeader.com may share information on aggregate user behavior with advertisers to help them present products our users might find interesting. We may also share aggregate information with our partners so that we can study ways to be more productive and informative.

Note that if you knowingly provide personal identifying information such as your user name or E-mail address in a chat or bulletin board area, you should be aware that the information provided can be collected and used by others visiting that area.

We want EmergingLeader.com to be useful to you at all times, and don't provide information about you to other organizations without your consent.

How can I contact EmergingLeader.com?

If you have any questions about this privacy statement, the practices of EmergingLeader.com, or your dealings with us, you can email the Senior editor, Kris Woods, at editor@emergingleader.com. You may also visit the contact page.


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